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Getting a fresh start
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Getting a fresh start

The time around and after new years we often think about the passed year – and about the coming new year with its upcoming projects, wishes, things that we want to change in our lives for the better…

This time „inbetween the years“ as we say in German, as well as the time shortly after new years, has a special quality. Somehow there seems to be some extra space which invites thoughts and can give us some orientation for the new year – if we allow that time to be there. It’s very short though and all of the sudden- buff – we find ourselves back in the middle of everyday business.

But then sometimes, there are occasions of working in another city in another country where you are surrounded  by other people, who bring freshness into your life and who take you out of your comfort zone: You receive impulses, get reflected in another way, you get the chance to open up your way of thinking and the way you see things. That’s inspiring and makes you grow!

And then, back home in everyday life you find yourself sitting in front of your computer and it just doesn’t work the way you want it to work… So you become impatient, try to DO anything but nothing helps. Finally you press the „restart“ buttom so that the dear computer can reorganize itself to work properly.

Sometimes also we just get so stuck and don’t know what to DO about it.

We can find moments of „NEW START“ within ourselves from time to time by UNDOING!

Just , as you feel yourself being too busy, a bit stressed out and impatient with yourself or with other people, stop! :

TAKE A MOMENT and get a sense of your body, standing on the floor and being supported by the floor. Your head is balancing on top of your spine and your eyes gently  look forward. And out of this being present with your eyes in space and your spine lenghtening in itself a bit, you can allow your shoulders and neck to soften a bit.

Find your breath and get A FRESH START.